Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Kill, kill, kill!

From the concerned, uninformed, never-played-a-video game-in-my-life-but-I-know-there-is-hooker-killing-in-that-Grand-Larceny-Theft-City-game parent camp, comes this ill-thought piece that tries desperately to link the Green River killer with video games while asserting that games are birthing a generation of murderers. Never you mind that the real hooker killer in this situation never once mentions games, or any media, for that matter, in the quotes the article's author has compiled. Seems he killed hookers because he liked it, not 'cause he grew up playing Whore Killer on the Atari 2600. This knee-jerk moralizing is disingenuous at best and should be recognized for the irresponsible journalism it is. Read it for yourself and join us in hoping that some day, newspapers and magazines will turn to people who know what the hell they are takling about (or who can at least present a balanced argument) when it comes to video games before publishing misleading, rabble-rousing "think pieces" like this one. And hey, Mr. Author Guy, where are your stats that show kids are murdering each other with BFGs and Crowbars? Really, though, notice the complete lack of hard data this Bill France character has to back up his hypothesis. The best he can do is to cite some unspecified "research." They're conducting some type of research!:

Violent video games are training children to kill

Good day and be sure to stay on the lookout for GBA-totin', hacksaw bearin' hooligans. They're trained to kill. And if you see former LA Times video game columnist Aaron Curtis, tell him he's going to have to make room for another "first video games, then prison" pundit on his soap box.