Sunday, March 16, 2003

A Very Special Touched By An Angel

Last night, the hard-hitting CBS family program dealt with video game violence. In episode #918, "Virtual Reality", a pair of kids nearly kills a young woman when imitating their favorite game, Carjack 2000. Della Resse offered these words of wisdom during the episode's denouement.

Children want all sorts of things. They want candy. They want to stay up late. They want games not meant for them. And I have a word that you can use to answer them. The word is, "No." N. O. A big dose of vitamin No. Now, you would not allow your children to eat only fast food every day. So why are you allowing them to learn how to murder people. Look on the box, people. Think of what you're doing. It's your children's future. This court is adjourned.

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